CoSA Alumni Association

CoSA is an incredible program that has enriched so many talented lives, and those who have attended CoSA are a special group of people with unique interests. The mission of the CoSA Alumni Association is to provide former CoSA students the opportunity to stay in touch with each other, the school, and current and future students.

This is an exciting opportunity for CoSA alumni to connect with and support each other, and to connect with and support current CoSA students in a variety of ways, including sharing their college and real-world experiences, mentoring, and fundraising.

The CoSA Alumni Association creates a vital legacy of all past, present, and future students of the Coronado School of the Arts. Join us today to share your story, reconnect, and help shape the lives of future CoSA Alumni.

Update Your Alumni Info

We’d love to know about what all of the CoSA grads are doing now! Whether you pursued further education in the arts, work in the arts, or even if you work in a field outside of the arts, we want to hear about what you have been doing after your time at CoSA.