CoSA Conservatories 

Learn about the six conservatories at CoSA, where students experience an intense, pre-professional arts education after a competitive audition and application process. Each conservatory has its own individual needs and circumstances that require robust fundraising efforts driven by the CoSA Foundation. Because these fields of study prepare students for both artistic growth and practical application, it's important to understand how each conservatory prepares its students and why the Foundation is driven to meet the school's financial needs.


Coronado School Of Arts

Enriching Lives Through The Arts

Classical & Contemporary Dance

Focusing on classical and contemporary dance

Digital Arts

Graphic Design, Filmmaking, Animation & Game Design

Instrumental Music

Emphasizing classical and jazz music

Musical Theatre & Drama

In-depth training in acting, singing, and dancing

Theatre Production, Design & Management

Including stage building, lighting, audio, costuming & makeup, and more

Visual Arts

Merging technique with the study of art history, art business, and portfolio work

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