CoSA Parent - Student Support Contributions 

The Annual Funds Needed Per CoSA Student 

CoSA Parent - Student Support Contributions 

The funds collected by the CoSA Foundation are not for extras or extravagant expenses at the Coronado School of the Arts; these funds pay for the very basics of the education. We need the support of parents and the community to ensure that our students have access to an education that will fuel the future of the arts here in San Diego and beyond. Without the support of the CoSA Parents the full CoSA program is not possible.

As an extra THANK YOOU! All Parents who signup to contribute the full $2,000 or more receive Recognition by Family or Individual name on CoSA Foundation Website. Thank you in season Playbill programs and digital communications. and 6 tickets to any CoSA performances!

One Time Contribution 

This is awesome! Your all at once support enables us to plan and budget for the whole year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Recurring 10 Month Contribution 

This is the preferred donation schedule because it covers all months of the school year and keeps us on budget. Thank you!

Recurring 12 Month Contribution 

Parents who wish to extend their contribution have the option to donate in recurring monthly donations for 12 months.

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